Discovering the Nuraghic complex of Li Muri

Lovers of ancient history and advocates of traditions will not be disappointed by this path.

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Necropolis Li Muri

GPS Coordinates
41.0701, 9.32247

Starting from Arzachena, along the road to Luogosanto, or from Bassacutena, you will get to”Li Muri”, where you can learn about the history of this territory through the Necropolis Li Muri, which narrates the traditions of the people in this area. This monument composed of spectacular granite formations was discovered in 1939 and attributed to the Neolithic Age. The features of this funerary complex represents the development of a typically Gallura culture, deeply rooted in this area of Sardinia.

Tomb of the Giants

GPS Coordinates
41.2333, 9.17653

You can reach the famous and imposing Tomb of the Giants of Li Lolghi near the Necropolis Li Muri, which is part of the same nuraghic background in the area. Excavated and restored between 1959 and 1960. Guided tours are available for those interested in learning about the history and the origins of these peculiar constructions.