The Archipelago of La Maddalena

The islands of La Maddalena, protected National Park, enclose small natural treasures to be discovered by boat.

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The island of Budelli

GPS Coordinates
41.2792, 9.35592

After leaving this other splendid panorama of the Island of Spargi, Cala Roto, the pink beach on the island of Budelli is a must see. A peculiar micro-organism makes this natural miracle possible, giving the sand and the whole landscape a hue that makes it unique in its kind.

The island of Spargi

GPS Coordinates
41.2311, 9.34464

Continue your exploration heading to the island of Spargi, with its splendid Cala Corsara and an amazingly unique transparent sea. This island will capture your attention due to its very unusual vegetation, its colours and the profile of the boulders shaped by the wind and other atmospheric agents: the perfect setting for unique shots.


GPS Coordinates
41.2079, 9.45983

Departure from Cannigione to Palau and in the morning departure with one of the shipping companies available to discover the islands that are part of the National Park of the Archipelago La Maddalena. Along the path you will come across the island of Caprera, famous for having been the place where Garibaldi spent his last days.